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Why aren't any dice showing up for me to buy? 
Because dicemaking is not my full time job and I am a one-woman business, unfortunately I don't have time for frequent updates. I try to update my shop a few times per year, and typically include around 7-10 full sets at a minimum. I highly suggest following my social accounts to stay up to date on restocks.

But wait...I see dice but I can't buy them???
If that's the case, these are previews and means I'm working on uploading products for my next drop!

Do you do commissions?
Not at this time. As much as I would love to work one-on-one with you, I don't have the extra time or brain space outside of my full time job to take on commissions.

Your dice are expensive...why?
There are a lot of behind the scenes factors to consider, and outside of material costs, they take a lot of time and effort to create. Factor in the time it takes to make molds, cast the dice, sand, polish, ink, photograph, market, website upkeep, packaging, shipping, and we're looking at roughly 10-15 hours for a full set. I understand my art is not in everyone's price range and while I wish it were, a lot of dice makers don't pay ourselves a living wage in an effort to keep costs down.

Will flaws be included in listings and reflected in the price?
To the best of my ability, yes! There will always be signs of the handmade process and unless they're more extreme than usual, sets will not be discounted. I do not sell pieces that are not playable.

Are your dice balanced?
Short answer, yes, and they always will be unless I intentionally include weights in them--which I will not do. Handmade dice will almost always be more balanced than factory-made dice given the quality control of handmade products is much, much more stringent. Tiny figures, glitter, appliques, etc. do not impact dice balance.

Where do you ship, and does shipping include tracking?
I currently ship to the US, Canada, Australia, and parts of Europe. Customers are responsible for paying any tax/VAT and custom fees. Yes, tracking is included along with insurance.

Until I can figure out the correct way to ship to Germany and Poland, I will not be able to sell there. If you live in a country I do not ship to, I will unfortunately have to cancel/refund your order. 

If you place more than one order, I will refund the other and ship together.

Do you sell molds or make masters?
No, and I have no plans to.

How can I get my hands on one of those weird stickers of your cat?
As long as I have them in stock, all first-time orders will receive an Angy Dexter sticker.

Can I eat the dice?
Under no circumstance should you eat the dice. For the love of all things, please do not try.